Manuscript Guidelines

  1. All submitted papers must contain the Title, Name of author(s), Affiliation (if any), Abstract and List of References (Literature) written in English. The Abstract must count not less than 100 and not more than 300 words and must be the good representation of your article. Optionally paper may also contain this information duplicated in another language.

  2. Paper size. The "Letter" size (8.5"x11").

  3. Margins. Left - 1.25", top, right and bottom margins - 1".

  4. Font faces. Arial, Times, Times New Roman, Courier New and Helvetica.

  5. Language. You may use any language for your article text, however English is MUCH preferable.

  6. Title. Font size - 16, bold. Position - central alignment.

  7. The author's name. Font size - 14, bold.  Position - central alignment.

  8. The affiliation (your University etc). Font size - 14, italics (not bold). Position - central alignment.

  9. The word "Abstract". Font size - 12, bold-italics. Position - central alignment.

  10. The text of the abstract. Font size - 10, regular (not bold).

  11. The word "Keywords" (if any). Font size - 10, bold. Position - left alignment.

  12. The text of keywords (if any). Font size - 10, regular (not bold). Position - left alignment.

  13. Text of article. Font size - 12. Position - fully justified. Line spacing - 1.5 lines.

  14. The word "References" (if any). Font size - 12, bold-italics. Position - central alignment.

  15. The text of References (if any). Font size - 12, regular (not bold).

In all other cases please use your own good judgment or contact our Editorial Board.

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